Commitment to provide 100% guest satisfaction and consistently exceed guest expectations through a team of highly motivated, empowered, guest sensitive team members.

Create an environment that fosters open communication, equality, team work and respect for our team members. Provide superior training, career development and advancement opportunities consistent with that of their goals and aspirations.

Optimize profit to shareholders through the implementation of effective management, creative marketing and cost efficient operations.

SERVICES Globiwest Hospitality


Globiwest owns all of our assets and operates the majority of our limited and select service hotels affiliated with Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham and Best Western brands.


Our property-level teams are passionate about delivering superior guest service, retaining and developing team members and continually analyzing key factors that measure bottom line performance.


With combined experience, our sales and marketing teams provides one-on-one coaching and sales training to maintain property-level and brand/national account, segmented revenue production.


Our consistently proactive revenue management team focuses on identifying trends early in the cycle, maximizing RevPar growth opportunities for all properties.

DEVELOPMENT Globiwest Hospitality


Our dedicated team of in-house engineers, designers, construction managers, and project managers provide a full spectrum of services and are focused on value-creation while pushing the boundaries of hospitality design.


Our experience with branded and independent hotels allows us to quickly determine the brand positioning within a local market to ensure the highest operational profitability.


Globiwest has a very strong history of turning troubled properties profitable. Our hotel acquisition and takeover experience spans the gamut of hotel operations, including marketing, sales, human resources and risk management.

SUSTAINABILITY Globiwest Hospitality

The Globiwest Hospitality home office has adopted a sustainable approach in how we operate. Our offices are fitted with day lighting solar tubes, cork flooring and the use of recycled carpets and materials during our office renovation.

Recycling and the reduction of printing are some of the normal operating procedures for all of our properties. We look to operate our hotels with the environment and community in mind. We embrace new innovative technologies for the hospitality industry as it relates to reducing our carbon footprint and finding the proper balance of sustainable operations without sacrificing the comfort for our guests.

It is our goal to develop our first LEED certified hotel and are excited about our transition to a more eco- friendly operating organization.